You may have seen the recent announcement by Scott Schink, aka The Crypto Gunslinger, that he is retiring. We understand that the world of crypto, especially the market, is already crazy enough without having to deal with inconsistencies like those you’ve experience from TCL Education so far. As a team we tried to push for change but failed, and for that, we apologize. We asked him to reconsider and not block the community, but he has always insisted he is the one in charge.

The core team is moving on to another service, one that will be professionally and respectfully run. If you are interested in a replacement course and upgraded community, please reach out to us.

We have disconnected all payment methods to the TCL Education website, however, you will want to login to your person paypal and make sure all subscriptions you had are canceled.

While I was instructed not to give anyone access to the courses, as a verbally contracted web administrator, I cannot block paying clients in good concience. I have left links to the courses, as per the lifetime access agreement, in the above menu labeled “null”.

We appreciate each and every member who became part of our crypto journey and we look forward to working with you again in the future!