AION -The Open Application Network 

$602mil Market Cap

Volume: Binance, Bitrue, Kucoin
Liquidity: Binance, Bitrue, Kucoin
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The evolution of Aion as its goals have expanded with every completed milestone.  Started in 2017 Aion saw the serious problem of isolated blockchains and isolated data.  They set out to become the uniting force between blockchain and data across the board.  Their vision saw a use for the network as the world’s first 3rd-generation multi-tier blockchain network.  The protocol for the “decentralized internet” was often used as a description of Aion’s early goals.  While this was not totally accurate the reality was equally ambitious.

The Aion Network landed its MainNet in April 2018 and took to the next phase of building and launching the Aion Virtual Machine that would be the worlds first JVM compliant execution environment on a public blockchain.

The Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) is not a modification or rewrite of the underlying JVM, but a supplementary software layer that can interact with the JVM as developers build decentralized applications and smart contracts above it.

Java provides a secure, transparent, scalable, and easily-deployed environment for those unacclimated to the crypto-landscape. This is fits Aion’s mission statement to promote more extensive use of blockchain.

Solidifying the project was the Aion Foundation.  Founded internationally in Toronto, Shanghai, and Barbados, this group provided the governance and structure to grow the network and encourage industrial transparency and technical execution.
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As a member of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance it becomes clear that Aion is not the only one in the business of creating this more connected, trusted and complete platform.  Through multiple working relationships, like this alliance with Wanchain $WAN and Icon $ICX, Aion found a way to meet the needs of the current and future systems.

“All three blockchain projects have the common goal of connecting blockchain protocols. ICON is an interconnecting blockchain network that connects independent blockchains without additional intermediaries. Aion aims to become the common protocol used for these blockchains, enabling more efficient and decentralized systems to be built. Wanchain is a distributed financial platform that enables private, cross-blockchain smart contract execution that aims to unite the world’s isolated digital assets.”
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Today, in 2020, the evolution of this project is still actively building toward a larger and more complete structure that will bring the vision of the original Aion Network and the new Open Application Network (OAN) to resolve even more of the present limitations of blockchain technology.

The OAN has one primary goal, to mitigate some of the “unintended consequences of platform economies”.  This may seem like a vague or even an insignificant issue but in traditional business today we already have many examples of where these consequences are critical to the business experiencing them.
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The Open Application Network will use “Open Apps” to help resolve these issues.  Their mission is to create shared, neutral infrastructure for the consumers, creators and third-party stakeholders across platform ecosystems.

Giving the tools to developers to test, validate and commoditize standards of ownership while also creating new incentive and governance systems to better align stakeholders with the project.

Open Apps are programs that put users back in control and are universally accessible across platforms. Using Open Apps, developers can hook into existing platforms like Uber, Shopify, or Twitch and create new breakthrough experiences.

The OAN runs on Aion’s blockchain where it has the means to create new design space for Open Apps through a public system, a global community, with working partnerships, and interested investors and users.  They will build with developing or established companies on these new design spaces in markets such as e-commerce, mobility, content sharing and loyalty.

Breaking down the barrier between “State Free Money” and the “Decentralized Internet”, these Open Applications are a distinct category that will facilitate the growth of blockchain technology to solve real world problems where the users, creators, investors and merchants are supported more equally.

The Aion token is the token of the Aion Network and also the OAN.  In a model that incentivizes and supports growth on the OAN, it will allow the global community to collectively leverage the power of the Aion blockchain and the OAN for all interested parties.  The public nature of the OAN is critical as these applications are built “for everyone”.  No marketplace or exclusive rights, simply a place to develop and publish solutions and upgrades to these platform ecosystems.
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Rising out of the ashes of blockchain 2017, Aion set out to create a unique and complete product, living their vision by collaborating and cooperating with other successful projects and business.  Interoperability today is not completely resolved but the determined development and launch of the Aion Network was one of the first and largest steps toward total connectivity. 

Holding on to the same vision, they look to change the world again, and in another first have launched a network to drive mental, financial and functional processes into a more fluid and usable space through the Open Application Network.  The shared information and collective power of this network is only limited by the number of problems it may solve… and they appear to be nearly endless in our present business ecosystems.

While Aion’s token value suffered through the bear market, the team quietly built, completed and started building again.  Few others in crypto and blockchain have managed to do this and most projects to this day have not completed the primary goals they set out to accomplish.  Aion is a stable and reliable business and product.  As they expand and grow into more then just a blockchain project, Aion is becoming one of the most needed and least talked about projects around.  The OAN will help to raise awareness for Aion and as it becomes the vast pool of knowledge and skill that it has been designed to be, the demand for its never-ending solution-based technologies will grow.

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