Blockchain & AI 2020

Through 2019 there were conversations about the power and utility of Artificial Intelligence but the promises left most of the blockchain space underwhelmed.

Artificial Intelligence is used in many aspects of our daily life but many argue that in most use cases it may not actually be “intelligent” at all.  Humans program and teach the machine how and what to do and we’ve only experienced limited unexpected results from even some of the most complex AI’s of today.

This can be taken a step further; can AI create art or is it a representation of the programmer’s direction?

AI created “art” is fetching huge sums of money at auction.  $432,500 USD was paid for this piece but is this art that of the AI or the developer who created the AI?

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During the last two years, the importance of combining AI and blockchain has become almost a commonplace at conferences, workshops and start-ups. There is not yet a decentralized AI network with wide commercial adoption, but the concept has become broadly accepted.

“As AI gets more and more intelligent, the question of who owns and controls it will become even more acute.”

There is a long way to go but AI is the future and we have multiple blockchain companies leading the way in this industry.

Recent Developments:

SingularityNet $AGI
-AI For Everyone: Super-Smart Systems That Reward Data Creators

Matrix AI $MAN
– Matrix AI Network to build an AI-powered commercial data platform

Ocean Protocol
– The fundamental and technical strengths and weaknesses of Ocean Protocol.

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