0:01:23 *Introduction
0:01:55 BTC/USD
0:06:29 Scott talks about personal goals and focusing on what is most important for your individual growth as a crypto trader/investor
0:07:37 BTC/USD more in depth
0:12:27 ENJ/BTC
0:14:26 ETH/USD
0:16:01 ETP/BTC
0:16:49 FCT/BTC
0:18:37 HOT/BTC
0:26:55 TI Time
0:27:24 TI talks about the mobile Ledger app
0:29:51 TI talks about the new GDPR privacy protocol
0:30:55 TI talks about the BTT sellout
0:34:02 TI tells us about Tether reaching back up to the No. 4 marketcap spot briefly
0:36:57 TI talks about the Liqui exchange closure
0:37:47 TI talks about QuadrigaCX looking like a close is imminent
0:40:52 TI talks about the market coin overload and the risks of trading less-established or known coins
0:43:17 TI talks about Coinbase tax support and Turbotax integration
0:43:45 Scott Returns
0:46:03 TI talks about Kik’s token KIN and their fight against the SEC regarding the KIN ICO
0:50:57 TNT/BTC
0:55:35 SNGLS/BTC
0:59:00 Scott talks about the market “flush” we saw today
1:03:01 XRP/BTC
1:06:58 THETA/BTC
1:07:03 RLC/BTC
1:09:27 LTC/USD
1:11:26 Closeout