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0:04:11 *ETH/USD
0:09:41 *BTC/USD
0:14:35 *BTC/USD Shorts
0:17:01 *BTC/USD 2nd time
0:27:35 *TI Time
0:29:08 *TI talks about Bloomberg talking crypto and Binance with Mike Novagratz
0:29:27 *TI talks about Facebook allowing crypto ads once again
0:31:10 *TI tells us about the ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake testnet is LIVE
0:35:20 *TI talks about the potential McAfee and CZ Binance collaboration
0:37:07 *TI talks about Bitfinex and the new token
0:38:35 *TI tells us about MakerDAO and some issues
0:41:28 *TI tells us about the Top Wash Traded Coins report and the suspicious people behind it
0:42:39 *TI talks about IOTA
0:44:15 *TI talks about IOTA and an Austin, TX transportation-based partnership
0:45:54 *TI tells us about IOTA and the potential for impacting the IoT
0:47:07 *TI takes a closer look at IOTA and how it differs from blockchain technology
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