0:02:23 *LINK/BTC
0:10:15 *LINK/BTC compared to ENJ/BTC
0:13:28 *LINK/BTC
0:21:58 *BAT/BTC
0:23:26 *BNB/BTC
0:25:38 *BTC/USD
0:31:23 *LINK/BTC
0:34:31 *TI Time
0:34:37 *TI takes a look at the coin calendar
0:35:15 *https://youtu.be/i6uz4MFtHIo
0:35:42 *TI talks a look at the cointelegraph documentary
0:38:24 *TI takes a look at LINK, ETH, and Google cloud applications
0:40:34 *TI takes a look at Baakt and the upcoming test in July
0:42:15 *TI talks about the Binance upgrades
0:44:27 *TI talks about Binance unlocking Binance margin trading
0:45:42 *TI talks about LTC and the previous price action leading up to the halvening
0:47:14 *TI talks about KYC vs. P2P and DEXs
0:49:56 *TI shows us the google trend on searches for litecoin
0:53:42 *TI talks about the G20 meeting coming up on June 28th/29th
0:56:14 *TI talks about the FinCEN guidance
0:58:08 *Scott Returns
0:58:52 *Scott shows the trading view video on LINK and Google
1:00:08 *BNB/BTC
1:13:37 *Closeout
1:13:47 *CMT/BTC
1:14:22 *LTC/USD Longs
1:15:39 *LTC/USD Longs compared to LTC/USD
1:16:04 *LTC/USD Shorts compared to LTC/USD
1:17:22 *LINK/BTC cmpared to LTC/USD