0:04:14 Rainwater: *BTC/USD – Scott takes a look at Support and Resistance areas and the importance of including them in your TA
0:27:02 Rainwater: *TI TIme
0:27:32 Rainwater: *TI takes a look at the coin market cap blood
0:28:53 Rainwater: *TI takes a look at Paypals Xoom app
0:30:55 Rainwater: *TI takes a look at a Deutche Bank report
0:31:07 Rainwater: *TI tells us about crypto and crime
0:33:04 Rainwater: *TI talks about Scroll and ChainLINK
0:37:45 Rainwater: *TI talks about the icon fees getting lowered
0:38:17 Rainwater: *TI talks about the DAO.Casino
0:39:18 Rainwater: *TI tells us about the ThinQ wallet coming to LG phones
0:42:39 Rainwater: *TI talks about the Polkadot IFO
0:43:17 Rainwater: *TI talks about IBM blockchain patents
0:45:04 Rainwater: *TI tells us about Binance thinking of a South Korean exchange
0:46:46 Rainwater: *TI tells us about the Bitpoint theft
0:47:55 Rainwater: *TI talks about the IMF speaking on crypto more
0:50:01 Rainwater: *Scott Returns
0:51:11 Rainwater: *BTC/USD
1:00:05 Rainwater: *LINK/BTC
1:01:09 Rainwater: *LTC/USD
1:02:59 Rainwater: *NEO/USD
1:03:07 Rainwater: *NEO/BTC
1:04:05 Rainwater: *QSH/BTC
1:04:19 Rainwater: *UKG/BTC
1:05:17 Rainwater: *XLM/BTC
1:06:24 Rainwater: *XRP/BTC
1:06:55 Rainwater: *ERD/BTC
1:09:02 Rainwater: *BNB/BTC
1:10:21 Rainwater: *Closeout