0:01:52 *ERD/BTC
0:02:41 *BTC/USD
0:10:11 *ETH/USD
0:11:41 *ETH/USD compared to BTC/USD
0:12:18 *ETH/USD compared to BTC/USD and LTC/USD
0:14:02 *LTC/USD
0:15:45 *BTC/USD
0:28:01 *TI talks about the FaceAPP terms and how it’s owned by a Russian company
0:28:36 *TI Time
0:28:47 *TI looks at the LTC halving countdown
0:29:54 *TI talks about Steve Wozniak founding a blockchain based energy saving firm in Malta
0:31:13 *TI talks about a Japanese competitor to SWIFT
0:32:24 *TI talks about the legal issues regarding BTC in China
0:33:05 *TI talks about BTC and Ransomware
0:34:13 *TI talks about ETH and State Farm
0:34:46 *TI talks about Facebook adding phone numbers for 2FA
0:35:55 *TI talks about the upcoming Zcash hardfork
0:38:41 *TI talks about Justin Suns recent news about upcoming news
0:39:29 *TI talks about more Bitcoin ATMs from LibertyX
0:40:01 *TI tells us about an exchange volume pumping service
0:41:44 *TI talks about the US Chamber of Digital Commerce and ErisX
0:42:49 *TI shows quotes from world leaders regarding crypto
0:44:24 *TI talks about Ripple’s half a billion USD raised from dumping XRP into the market
0:45:56 *TI talks about a BTC exchange raided by masked men
0:47:47 *TI talks about XLM staking on Binance
0:48:09 *TI tells us about a former Microsoft employee stealing crypto
0:48:16 *TI takes a look at the NEO and Ontology parterchip
0:49:24 *TI talks about Libra
0:50:40 *Scott Returns
0:51:15 *BTC/USD
1:05:40 *Scott talks about the price action, trend, and MAs on BTC/USD
1:09:06 *BNB/BTC
1:09:55 *NEO/USD
1:10:33 *QSH/BTC
1:12:15 *NEO/BTC
1:12:50 *NEO/USD
1:15:17 *Closing Thoughts