Constellation Review Jan. 2020

Constellation $DAG

$12.5mil Market Cap

Volume: 60% Hotbit, 20% Kucoin

Liquidity: 95% on Kucoin
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Constellation was launched in 2017 where they raised more than $35mil by selling 756mil $DAG tokens.  DAG is the utility token of the network and distributed less then 19% of the total supply.  (Max Supply is set to 4bil DAG).
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“Constellation is a distributed network that enables fast, scalable solutions for organizations who need to process and transfer data securely and build interoperability for connected sensors and devices. As computing moves increasingly to the edge, Constellation provides the only scalable, secure solution for a world with more connectivity, more centralization, and more concentrated risk.”
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The Constellation network can be viewed as a collection of microservices – called “State Channels” – where each state channel validates specific data types with user-defined validation functions.

State channels form a distributed network architecture that allows a plug-and-play approach for real-world big data use cases. Developers can integrate state channels directly into existing applications, allowing for direct end-to-end interaction.
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There two main components are the “SPORE Application Interface and the Developer and Community Portal named ORION.

-SPORE is an application gateway to Constellation’s security, data validation, and notarization across big data initiatives like artificial intelligence, enterprise software, or IoT.

The Spore platform bridges the functionality of the Constellation network to familiar data science stacks, providing insight into security, integrity, and state of data pipelines.

-ORION is a community portal that acts as a source of information for everything related to the Constellation ecosystem. The portal should contain developer documentation, support documentation, or bounty campaigns, and allows the Constellation team to interact with developers and community members.

ORION will be similar to a gateway and membership portal to the Constellation ecosystem. By staking $DAG tokens, token holders will be able to gain membership access to the portal on two levels, Community (250 $DAG) and Developer (1000 $DAG). A free membership tier is also available.
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Most recently this “Big Data” project has seen working partnership developed with Quant Network $QNT and ChainLink $LINK and the United States Air Force.


-Constellation Network a big data and blockchain company will integrate their secure communications protocol with Quant Network’s Overledger – an operating system which solves interoperability of blockchain protocols at scale. The partnership represents a major milestone in the commercialization of blockchain technology by providing an end-to-end path from testing in closed environments to production-ready real-time digital systems.
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-Constellation Network Inc., a San Francisco based technology and blockchain company signed a working contract with the United States Air Force (USAF). The contract is part of the USAF SBIR Phase I program that provides the rails to a solution fully integrated with Air Force constituents.
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-Constellation Network, Inc, a San Francisco based software, big data and “blockchain company” engages with Chainlink to become a node operator on the Chainlink network, to provide smart contracts with access to real-world streaming data from Constellation’s enterprise clients, and to provide validation for streaming data

The Constellation Network provides a secure communications protocol and data infrastructure tools for enterprise clients such as the United States Air Force. Constellation’s “Blockchain for Big Data” approach provides data infrastructure tools for developers to enable interoperability between legacy and cloud data systems. Chainlink is facilitating enterprise adoption of smart contracts by creating a customizable API middleware solution that makes off-chain data and external networks available to Ethereum and other smart contract platforms. By leveraging the benefits of both technologies, users can create reliable and secure end-to-end blockchain solutions.
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With the mainnet launch in late 2019 and a major upgrade and update scheduled for Q1 2020, Constellation and their partners are looking to create an environment where communication for big data can be more accessible and have a far greater utility, while maintaining the highest levels of security and speed.

Constellation presents a solution to a growing problem and it’s high level partnership and steady progress are a testament to their developmental fortitude in a new technology just now reaching real world utility.
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