Crypto 101

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Learn exactly what Cryptocurrency is all about, the Bulls, the Bears and some tips on how you can get started.
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Crypto Foundations Course



FOUNDATIONS COURSE START PAGE is a very different crypto company. We seek to empower individuals within the crypto community.

We are here simply to provide a centralized hub for all your decentralized crypto learning needs.

So the big question is: “Where do I start?!” It is a bit overwhelming, but don’t be in a hurry!  You can’t learn all there is to know about how to target trade the CRYPTO MARKET in three weeks, so if you wish to have long term success – pace yourself!!  The following training program will present you with the foundation you need in order to make sense out of the Crypto Commandments course. 

The Foundations Course is meant to be a bridge to the Crypto Commandments course.  You will not learn everything you need to know in this course alone, however, it will provide you the means to begin  your trading education journey at a fraction of the cost of the Crypto Commandments course!!  With this in mind, we also are happy to apply your purchase price of the Foundations course to the cost of the Crypto Commandments course when you are ready to move on to the more advanced concepts that Scott breaks down in the Commandments course.

Listed below are the five lessons that make up the Trade Crypto Live Foundations course.  At the start of every lesson, near the bottom of the page, you will find the words “Course Start Page” which are always linked to this course start page.  The lessons are designed to be taken in order and each one has a set of topics within it that are also designed to be taken in order.  If this is your first time taking the TCL Crypto Foundations course, please start with the first lesson by clicking on the lesson titled “Introduction” below.

We are not financial advisers and the information gathered and provided here is not meant to be financial advice!  You will quickly learn that in order to become successful at trading any asset, it is essential for you to take personal responsibility for all of your own actions.  In taking this course, you accept full liability and responsibility for any and all trades you make that utilize the information contained herein.


If you have any questions about the training content or concepts covered during this course, contact Mo_Baksh or Michael Rainwater via Direct Message to their Discord profiles (Mo_Baksh#6211 and miker66c#1205) in the Trade Crypto Live Discord server.  Look for the Team Crypto Live Team Admin tag and gold colored IDs.  Avoid scammers – our trainers will NEVER solicit you for payments in Discord.  All payments are accepted only after services are ordered and registered for in advance through our official Trade Crypto Live website.

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