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Personality Tests

In order to master the markets, you must first master yourself! Scott’s personality type is “Campaigner.” This personality type comes with certain strengths and weaknesses that can and should be taken into account when developing an individual trading plan. In order to be able to begin to gather more information about yourself that will allow for you to develop a more successful trading plan, we have linked two free tests below.

The first is a general personality test that will tell you more about yourself. The second is a more trading-specific test developed by Van Tharp that helps you to determine your “trader type.” Take both tests and be sure to save your results to share with Scott at the end.  If you have already completed the Foundations of Crypto Trading course, you should have already taken these personality tests.

When you have collected your results from both tests, click on the “Help” button at the bottom right of this page and send your results to Scott! If you did not save your results – don’t worry! Simply take the tests again and see if you get any new insights into your personality strengths and weaknesses. If you have not completed these personality tests already, then follow the links below to do so.

Personality Test #1

Take the following personality test and note the 4 letters in your result which describe the tendency to lean certain ways when it comes to your personality:

Review the image below after taking the test and see if your results were what you expected. This test can be taken every 6 months or so to see if certain aspects of your personality have changed over time.

NOTE: Save the result from this test so you can share it per the instructions that will follow the second test!!

Personality Test #2

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about your general personality, be sure to take the following test created by Van Tharp, which will tell you more about what type of trader personality you will tend to lean towards.

NOTE: Take a screenshot of your result from this test and send it along with the results from your first test to Scott in a Direct Message on Telegram so that he can review them and provide you with feedback as needed.

Hopefully you have gained a little more insight into yourself. Be sure to refer back to these results when you begin writing your own trading plan or if you are looking for ways to improve upon your existing plans. Remember that trading is a behavior and that all behavior can be improved when one takes into account their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to a particular behavior. Developing effective trading plans will require you to be open and honest about what mistakes you might be more likely to make. Do you have a tendency to overthink things? Perhaps starting out with simple plans will help you to have less options in trade execution. Do you tend to be overly emotional when it comes to criticizing yourself? It might be a good idea to start out trading with smaller position sizes so initial losses are much more palatable to your inner critic. Do not underestimate the value of planning ahead for your own weaknesses! Open honesty when it comes to your own strengths and weaknesses will get you to more successful trading faster than trying to hide from them ever will!