Note: Make sure you have reviewed the Elliot Wave information in the Foundations Course!!

Elliot Wave
This is the recording from the June 24th, 2019 Bubble Lounge which includes lesson material from Scott on Elliot Waves:
0:02:01 *Introduction
0:03:18 *Scott talks about the current state of the market and the lack of structure on many alts
0:13:14 *BTC/USD
0:13:52 *BTC/USD compared to LTC/USD
0:14:36 *Scott talks about liquidity and Bitfinex vs. Coinbase vs. charts
0:14:50 *BTC/USD (Bitfinex) compared to LTC/USD (Bitfinex)
0:21:10 *Scott compares the price action of BTC/USD and LTC/USD in terms of patterns, structure, and the moving averages
0:22:43 *LTC/USD the 240 compared to the day chart
0:23:09 *BTC/USD 240 compared to LTC/USD day chart
0:24:51 *TI Time
0:25:11 *TI takes a look at the TCL Coin Calendar
0:25:33 *TI tells us about QLC
0:28:06 *TI talks about QLC’s network setup and possible integrated uses
0:29:46 *TI takes a look at THETA
0:35:47 *TI talks about Hyperledger
0:40:54 *TI talks about the approved code changes for ETH hard fork Istanbul
0:42:13 *itself
0:45:00 *TI talks about Proppy
0:47:32 *Scott Returns
0:48:53 *ETH/USD
0:53:27 *BTC.USD
0:53:54 *Scott digs into the Elliot Wave movement in the BTC/USD price action
0:58:10 *Scott deep dives into where the waves are occuring on BTC/USD
1:10:24 *Scott takes a look at the potential EW structure on the current BTC/USD price action
1:22:43 *BTC/USD compared to NEO/BTC
1:28:50 *BTC/USD and more thoughts about where we might be going next
1:32:00 *Closeout
This is the recording from the June 25th, 2019 Bubble Lounge which includes additional lesson material from Scott on Elliot Waves:
0:01:41 *Introduction
0:06:05 *BTC/USD
0:06:18 *Scott talks about the current price action on BTC
0:11:48 *BTC/USD compared to Gold Spot/USD
0:16:10 *BTC/USD
0:16:42 *Scott digs into the price action and talks about risk of fomo buying green candles
0:23:25 *TI Time
0:23:57 *TI talks about discipline, fomo, and their effects on trading behavior
0:30:21 *TI talks about the sec accepting comments on ETFs backed by BTC
0:31:09 *TI talks about typosquatting on fake websites that are a typo away from the real thing designed to catch your login info
0:32:12 *TI talks about square and access to BTC deposits
0:34:03 *TI talks about the update to WAVES
0:35:45 *TI talks about a new ETH lottery
0:40:14 *TI talks about cftc approving ledgerx futures settled in BTC
0:42:15 *TI talks about enigma update “Discovery”
0:46:14 *TI previews tomorrow’s discussion of Algorand
0:47:57 *Scott Returns
0:47:59 *VET/BTC
0:49:21 *QTUM/BTC
0:51:13 *QTUM/USD
0:54:02 *BTC/USD
1:11:40 *Scott shows the potential EW structure on BTC/USD and then pulls retracement fibs to make sense out of the potential future price action