Moving Averages
What you want to do is click on “Pine Editor” at the bottom of the screen when you have a chart up. Delete everything in that box then copy and paste the following:
study(“TCL Moving Averages”, shorttitle=”TCLMAs”, overlay=true)len1 = input(200, minval=1, title=”SMA #1″)
src1 = input(close, title=”SMA Source #1″)
out1 = sma(src1, len1)
plot(out1, title=”SMA200″, style=line, color=close >= out1 ? red : red, linewidth=1)period1 = input(44, minval=1, title=”Period 1″)
period2 = input(100, minval=1, title=”Period 2″)
pivot = ((high + low + close) / 3)
out11 = sma(pivot, period1)
out12 = sma(pivot, period2)
plot(out11, color=#00FFFF, style=line, linewidth=1, title=”PPMA44″)
plot(out12, color=#00FF00, style=line, linewidth=1, title=”PPMA100″)
How to add the TCL MAs Indicator Script to your TradingView charts:
Part 1 of a clip from the Matrix Room recorded on September 19th, 2019 in which Scott looks at a few different charts and some of their Moving Averages. After that, he takes a look at Ethereum in depth and the price action around the TCL Moving Averages:
Part 2 of the Matrix Room recording described above. Scott covers ETH is greater detail in this section of the recording.