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Steps to Making an Alt Trade
1. Identify Current Market Conditions – What is btc/usd doing? How are the alts reacting to the btc movements? Is the alt/btc pair doing something different than the other alts – is it being driven by fundamentals and news events?

2. Walk the chart – 1. Long term timeframes from the weekly down to the 240 – find patterns – fibs – support and resistance areas and mark up the chart accordingly. 2. Short term timeframes 3 hour down to the 60 minute to identify channels and potential entry and exit zones

3. Identify the Market Conditions of the Alt your analyzing – are we trending – ranging or reversing on the chart – Who is control of the chart at the moment – sellers or buyers?

4. Find the fib sequences being used on the chart – are there more targets to be hit to the upside?

5. Identify risk to reward entries and exits on the chart if the alt starts to make a retracement move for a possible entry or triggers to make a move to targets

Matrix Room recording from August 15th, 2019 where Scott talks about the steps to making an alt trade.
0:02:04 *LINK/BTC
0:05:14 *NEO/BTC
0:05:25 *PHB/BTC
0:06:57 *DUSK/BTC
0:20:24 *NANO/BTC
0:21:12 *BTC/USD
0:35:43 *BTC/USD LONGS
0:37:19 *ALGO/BTC
0:38:19 *AGI/BTC
0:38:55 *FSN/BTC
0:39:17 *ICX/KRW
0:39:36 *REN/BTC
0:41:10 *GAS/BTC
0:41:51 *BRD/BTC
0:42:46 *BTT/BTC
0:43:02 *BNB/BTC
0:43:49 *Mo Time
0:51:08 *Scott’s back
0:51:31 *BNB/BTC & BNB/USD
0:55:03 *Scott talks about questions to ask yourself about the current Market situation when looking for a Trade Opportunity
1:02:46 *BNB/BTC
1:06:16 *The Thought Process that goes into taking a Trade
1:25:29 *END
Matrix Room recording from September 10th, 2019 where Scott talks more about the steps involved in alt trades:
0:01:46 *Introduction
0:02:38 *BTC/USD
0:06:12 *ALGO/BTC
0:06:28 *AMB/BTC (Chart Build)
0:26:17 *ARN/BTC
0:28:18 *BAT/BTC
0:30:06 *BCPT/BTC
0:32:14 *BKX/BTC
0:44:45 *BTC/USD
0:46:17 *DLT/BTC
0:46:38 *DOCK/BTC
1:04:56 *WABI/BTC
1:09:12 *THETA/BTC
1:12:33 *END