One of the greatest underlying causes of bad trading and investing behaviors are the EMOTIONS that arise inside of us in response to positive and negative fluctuations in our trades and investments. When a trade is significantly in profit we are succeptible to mistakes made out of greed and when a trade is significantly in the red it is likely to create feelings of fear, dread, or regret which often leads to even more mistakes. By tackling these emotional issues head on – with carefully calculated planning centered around your individual personality – you give your trades and investments a much better chance of success by eliminating the opportunity for making mistakes that would have been a direct result of emotional responses to changing values of your open positions. In our paid training, we take an extensive and repeated look at what causes emotions in our trading and how we can best eliminate them as a factor in our results. The sooner you eliminate emotions from your trading and investing decisions, the closer you will be to acheiving more consistent results in your favor under any market conditions.