Once you start to identify your own emotional and psychological weaknesses, you can begin one of the most important parts of your growth and development as a trader-investor. Protecting YOU from YOURSELF is one of the best ways you can begin to gain better control of the losing portion of your trades and investments. YOU WILL HAVE LOSING TRADES! Losing is part of trading and investing. Every single person who interacts with any financial market for longer than a few lucky trades will experience losses. The ones who achieve consistent, positive returns are the ones who have taken the time to develop plans and strategies that protect them from themselves. Nothing short of being painfully honest with yourself will allow you to truly confront and protect you from your own weaknesses. If you don’t indentify and protect yourself from these ego trips, psychological shortcomings, emotional hangups, past painful memories, etc., then the market WILL find them and USE them to TAKE YOUR MONEY!!