Trading: A behavior centered around the short term (key words) buying and selling of an asset, security, currency, digital currency, or other financial instrument for the purpose of making a profit. The goal in trading is to take positions in assets that are likely to gain value in a short period (more key words) of time. Once the position gains value, the trader will likely (if they know what they are doing and have been trained properly) want to sell a large portion or all of his / her position in order to lock in profits from the trade. Just like there are several types of things you can trade, there are several ways of trading them. Now, although each way of trading has it’s own set of guidelines, and each of them have thousands of guides online showing tips and tricks to make you rich trading them, they ALL rely on the same FUNDAMENTAL RULES & PRINCIPALS! Each type of trade and investment comes with its own level of risk. At TCL Education we show you not only how to spot those risks but also how to prepare for, and manage them, once you decide on a method for putting your money to work for you!