0:02:49 *Intro
0:04:24 *BTC/USD
0:11:14 *ETH/USD
0:16:11 *ETH/BTC
0:17:05 *LTC/USD
0:22:42 *LTC/USD vs BTC/USD
0:25:05 *TI Time
0:26:34 *TI takes a look at the current Market Cap standings
0:27:20 *TI talks about the move on Maker MKR
0:28:03 *TI talks about Bitfinex downtime tomorrow 8AM UTC
0:29:52 *TI talks about Polkadot DOT on Coinbase custody
0:30:51 *TI talks about Zcash and DASH being tracked by the US Government Chainalysis
0:33:37 *TI talks about Brave being forked to remove affiliate links
0:36:38 *TI Talks about Cardano ADA proof of stake public testing
0:38:10 *TI tells us about The Winklevoss twins book being adapted to film Bitcoin Billionaires
0:38:54 *TI talks about the fundy situation with ETH
0:44:25 *TI talks about DeFi developments
0:44:37 *
0:51:53 *Mike Reviews Mark Douglas’ The Disciplined Trader
0:52:00 *”You Create Your Experience of the Market”
0:55:56 *Perceiving Oppertunity
1:09:36 *Self-Acceptance in Trading and the Markets
1:14:55 *You Create Yours Experience of the Market