0:01:22 *Intro… with ‘Dank Musk”
0:02:46 *BTC/USD
0:08:21 *Tether was started in 2014 (Real Coin), but it’s printing and influence was not truly seen until 2017.
0:11:42 *Tether Marketcap vs Market price and perhaps the Binance connection???
0:20:41 *BTC as an opportunity.  Eyes open for those prepared!
0:25:31 *BTC history repeating?
0:30:38 *TI TIme
0:32:10 *TI looks at the CMC
0:38:01 *TI talks DogEcan Axe Markets
0:41:07 *TI talks Green BTC
0:41:23 *ETH dev charged in NK
0:44:11 *TI Talks CBDCs
0:44:28 *TI looks at the US Senate asking team USA to boycott the digital yuan
0:47:26 *Mastercard partners with Circle, Paxos, and Evolve bank
0:48:33 *TI talks $540 million rektoning
0:51:06 *OpenSea gets a large valuation
0:51:19 *TI talks about the presidential advisory group and stablecoin recommendations
0:54:03 *TI tells us about a $12 supercomputer crypto scam
0:54:35 *NYAG and BlockFi – It begins
0:59:03 *TI Talks FTX
0:59:33 *EU cracks down on Anon wallets
1:00:40 *TI Talks USDC market cap
1:02:51 *
1:03:46 *TI Talks SEC vs XRP
1:05:56 *Mike Returns
1:09:26 *ETH/USD
1:11:22 *ETH/BTC
1:13:13 *LTC/USD
1:14:54 *LTC/BTC
1:15:37 *Looking at Mike’s Paper Trades
1:20:33 *Who’s going to buy next…. With Tether out…..???
1:26:48 *DO you even DOGE Bro?  Discussing opportunities vs emotional bias