0:00:53 *Intro
0:02:56 *BTC/USD
0:19:53 *Mike explores the past fractals and patterns to explore the potential in BTC from here
0:20:00 *ETH/USD
0:21:14 *LTC/USD
0:23:05 *TI Time
0:23:22 *TI Time
0:23:32 *TI talks about Coinbase BTC loans
0:26:25 *TI talks YFI
0:36:10 *TI Talks Liquidity mining
0:46:33 *TI talks tether and stablecoin printing
0:48:36 *Mike Returns
0:50:40 *Down the DCG Rabbit Hole with Mike
0:51:35 *Scaling Bitcoin…the important link
0:55:29 *Hudson River Trading #HRT
0:56:48 *Matt Corallo – Blockstream, Advisor at HRT
1:00:12 *BTCC Exchange – Inconsistencies and a need for answers.  Let’s look
1:02:37 *What is Lightspeed a global VERY wealthy investment organization working on Scaling Bitcoin and a firm backer of BTCC
1:07:09 *Follow the foot steps
1:07:20 *Answers will come..