You won’t accomplish anything without first making a plan. Lesson 1 is all about introducing you to the basics of trading, laying out a road map for your training, and getting you familiar with all of the habits, mindsets, and psychology of successful traders.


Lesson 2 is all psychology. The fact you are reading this means you have experiences enough of the world of trading to know you want more. How you deal with FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and FOMO (fear of missing out) can make or break you as a trader. We address beliefs and mindsets, protecting your capital, and personal habits of successful traders in depth.


Once you are comfortable with your understanding of how traders should think and react, its times to teach you the fundamentals. Your understanding of brokers, exchanges, trading, security, and crypto needs to be a little more in depth than just some google searched and Youtube videos. We are talking about investing your hard earned cash into a market that does not forgive. We work to make sure you understand the fundamentals of trading inside and out before risking your capital.


Lesson 4 is all about the bread and butter of trading. Once you are familiar with the fundamentals we will show you all about the tools successful traders use to make decisions concerning their trades. Charting platforms, patterns, indicators, fibbonic sequence, moving averages, and elliot wave theory are just a few of the topics we cover in this course. Your understanding of these tools is paramount to your trading success.


Lesson 5 is where we bring it all together. We cover how to execute a trade while also showing the common mistakes new traders make and how to avoid them. We review 38 steps to becoming a successful trader, the 4 stages of a trader, and the disciplines and mindset you should follow now that you have the knowledge from the entire course. We don’t expect you to learn it overnight… that is why our trained professionals are here for you 100% of the way, answering questions and breaking down topics so that you can fully understand them!

Trade Crypto Live is committed to equipping anyone who wishes to change their understanding of trading and financial situation with the correct knowledge and tools to succeed. We stand behind you 100% of the way throughout your training. We believe that having a solid foundation in not only the world of crypto, but the world of trading, is the most important factor in a traders success in this market. We feel this is the perfect amount of training to get you started in making actual trades and seeing profits. To help you along in your trading journey we are apply the FULL amount used to purchases the Foundations of Crypto Trading towards the Trade Crypto Live advanced training, Crypto Commandments. If you are ready to change your financial situation and learn the world of trading from experts, click below to get started!