Expanse (EXP)

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Proof of Stake (POS)


The Expanse network offers its users a platform to build and develop decentralized applications (dApps) easily, efficiently and at a very affordable price. It is a decentralised blockchain that has the unique advantages of being completely decentralized and self-funding, having low transfer fees, numerous incentives for small and large investors as well as partnerships with a number of well-known brands making it a very attractive cryptocurrency to mine and invest in.

Everyone interested. Every single person that holds EXP can vote and suggest ideas about the future of the currency.
In fact, even people that do not hold EXP can suggest ideas that can be taken up by the community.
This democratic method of functioning allows the community to take control of the currency as its own and turn it into whatever they want.

Ethereum(ETH, was actually a fork of ETH), EOS(EOS), Cardano(ADA)



Whitepaper Summary
The Expanse whitepaper was not very well thought out and seems to be just thrown together. There’s a very low level of professionalism and the Expanse team failed to include a real thought out plan and future goals for their token. This was a four-page explanation of the DAO and smart contracts.
Problem Solved

Expanse proposes a Ternary Division DAO that generates and maintains its own operational funding, builds value based on the talent added by all that join the community, and facilitates for management by its members rather than a centralised entity. This DAO will function by use of smart contracts operating on the Expanse blockchain that build a decentralized structural foundation secured with immutable code. The smart contracts will release funding by consensus as approved by the community, from a reserve built from the Genesis Block. Additionally, they will provide a self-enforcing voting system where new voting topics can be proposed and voted upon by users. In this way they can offer a system that is self-funding with built in incentives, can continue to grow more decentralized over time, and it does not rely on outside funding or support from existing financial systems. This is done in a public and transparent manner, solving the problems of institutional corruption, reliance on outside financing, and development incentives all without being controlled or overly influenced by any third-party entity.

Competitive Edge

The Expanse network’s value is found in the products that its team builds on the platform. Borderless Identity Management, VoteLock and Tokenlab are the primary dAPPS used and are already in use around the world.
The smart contract system called Borderless Technology is very versatile and forms the foundation of the DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation).
These real-world tools are actively used by major partners around the world on a functioning and stable platform. There are few competitors in the space that can boast about successes like these. Expanse has continued to grow and develops faster than their competitors.

Development Roadmap

The roadmap from 2017 is over and there is a summary of what they completed. A new roadmap to outline the next 18 months was just released in April 2018.


Expanse was built as a community-based project without an ICO, with only a small reserve which is managed by the community through smart contracts.


Creators / Founders

Christopher Franko

James Clayton

Core Development Team

Marcia Lewis – CAO
Scott Williams – Community Manager
Omar Alvarez – Creative Director
Asim Ashfaq – Architect and Senior Developers
Mary Parenas – Brand Awareness Team Supervisor
Marianne Lumanog – Brand Awareness Team Member

Notable Advisors
Notable Investors

Expanse has gained a lot of credibility in its two years of existence as it has massive companies like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft BizSpark, CenturyLink, Changelly, Gameboard, Jaxx and Payza on board as partners.

Trade Crypto Live Sentiment

In 2018 Expanse has seen a bit of a rejuvenation. A new roadmap, website and significant partnerships speaks to the team and community’s resilience and drive. EXP looks to be well positioned for continued steady growth.

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What is Expanse Cryptocurrency?

Expanse coin will increase by 100% in 2018 as it partners with Payza