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What is the Fundamental Library?

The Fundamental Library is a resource for finding information.  You may browse, search and even request information about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Global Economics and More!

Based on the Discord platform, this Library will give you a direct link to the information you need to stay on top of this market and will contain unique content including the Fundy Calendar, exclusive videos, trades, articles, and more!

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The Fundamental Library is a resource for gathering specific information in a timely and concentrated manor.  It is for YOU to request, research, and find the information YOU need to grow your knowledge and skills as a trader or investor.

You are in control of the Fundy Library!  Tell us what YOU want!

Fundamental support behind a technical trade or investment will often result in a MUCH larger return but trading and investing is in this space is up to you.  This is NOT financial adivce.


Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index



Date Coin Description Source URL
SEPT 7 BTC El Salvador Bitcoin Law for National Currency BTC Article
SEPT 9 LUNA Terra Luna “Columbus-5” Upgrade Luna Dev Blog
SEPT 30 DOCK  Dock App Launch v0.1 Dock Roadmap
SEPT 30 KCS Kucoin Earn and Isolated Margin Launch Kucoin Dev Tweet
SEPT 30 THETA Theta Edge V2 Streaming and Compute Launch Theta Raodmap
SEPT 30 ADA Cardano Smart Contract Full Launch IOHK Tweet
SEPT 30 NEO NEO 3.0 MainNet Launch Yahoo Article
SEPT 30 ALGO DeFi AMM “Blanacer” Launch Algorand Blog
SEPT 30 SCRT NFT Marketplace, Secret Heros Launch Secret Blog
SEPT 30 CAKE Pancake Swap NFT Marketplace Launch Pancake Swap Blog
SEPT 30 ONE HarmonyOne X-Chain NFT and Decentralized Nodes Harmony Blog
SEPT 30 VIDT VIDT Lightpaper and Roadmap Release VIDT Tweet



Date Coin Description Source URL
Oct 13 POLY Polymesh MainNet Launch Polymesh Blog
Oct 18 ONE HarmonyOne Trustless ETH Bridge Harmony One Blog
Oct 19 CRO “Cronos MainNet) (EVM Contracts) Tweet
Oct 31 SCRT Seecret Network Spernova Upgrade Secret Blog
Oct 31 ONE Harmony One Bitcoin Bridge Harmony One Blog
Oct 31 BTT BitTorrent Chain Launch BitTorrent Tweet
Oct 31 ZEN Horizen Sidechain SDK and “Zendoo” Release Horizen Blog



Date Coin Description Source URL
NOV 15 BTC Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade (may be earlier) Bitcoin Article



Date Coin Description Source URL
DEC 1 ONE Harmony One Cross-Shard Transactions Harmony One Blog
DEC 31 ENJ Enjin Efinity Decentralized NFT Chain Launch Enjin Blog
DEC 31 KCS Kucoin Margin/Leverage and App Launch Kucoin Dev Tweet
DEC 31 SXP Swipe Finance Global Launch Swipe Roadmap
DEC 31 DUSK Dusk MainNet Launch (in 2021) Dusk Roadmap
DEC 31 DOCK Dock App v0.2 Launch Dock Roadmap
DEC 31 SAND Sandbox DAO and Game Maker 1.0 Launch Sandbox Whitepaper
DEC 31 QTUM Qtum Halving (may be earlier) Qtum Blog
DEC 31 ONE Harmony One Interoperability X-Chain Harmony One Site