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We have created a thriving community of like minded individuals and strive to bring understanding and support in the wild wild west that is Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has gone from an obscure protocol to a world wide phenomenon centered around blockchain technology. Don’t get left behind! Join us and become a part of the Crypto revolution.

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We are a credible, well-established company & community that exists to educate people in all areas of Crypto. Our Crypto training is second to none & will give you the foundation you need to achieve success.  Every course is supported by our knowledgeable team of experts, who guide and support you throughout your learning experience.

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The Foundations of Crypto course will offer you knowledge and insight to trade successfully on your own.  The Crypto Source Code course takes it further, equipping you with deep understanding of advanced trading techniques and strategies.

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Foundations of Crypto Trading

This course lays out the foundation of trading, and also shows you the techniques professional traders use to maximize their profit.

Crypto Commandments

The most comprehensive Crypto course available anywhere. Learn how to trade like a professional, from the basics to advanced setups.

The Bitcoin Bubble Lounge

Streaming LIVE five days a week. You not get to watch a full-time trader work his magic. Set yourself up for success in this market.

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Receive around the clock trading signals! We put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Our smoking signals have you covered!

What Our Members Are Saying.

"Been watching Scott’s Videos since Oct/Nov 2017. He is the only person in Crypto who knows what he’s talking about. Love the fact the training material is available for lifetime, I can go at my own pace & the support team they have is very friendly & super helpful. If it wasn’t for Scott, I would’ve lost all my Crypto Investments by now."

Dabir Ch.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

“I guarantee if you take it seriously and take advantage of all the content that is given to you, you will like it, you will learn a lot and you sure as hell won’t be sorry. I know I am not!”

Denis P.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

“It’s simply amazing to have found Scott among all the other voices in this crypto wilderness. This group is priceless. The knowledge that Scott and the admins are sharing is well worth it!”



“Totally indebted, I’m am ready for the next Xmas rally. His training and group are awesome! Thanks Scott from the bottom of my heart, crypto for dreams, the next drink is for you!”

Paul B.


“I am so thankful for your mentor ship. I would be lost without you so, please don't let the haters distract you from your loyal students. I can now enjoy and take care of my family. God bless you sir.”

Steven M.

TCL Facebook Group

Just wanted to give a shout out to Scott. I've just discovered a whole new world that very few speak of and this just makes so much more sense than empty TA tools with no mind. You're making a real difference in many real people's lives, so thank you for that. Hats off!"

Paul C.

TCL Facebook Group

"You can't learn an industry overnight but you can learn the proper way if you apply yourself. TCL has opened my eyes to how trading works in all markets. Educating yourself is the most important part of trading. No Rush In The Crypto!"

Phil H.

Trade Crypto Live VIP

"Trade Crypto Live is the Pulse of Crypto. A complete ecosystem within the emerging Cryptocurrency asset category. Trade Crypto Live is bringing education, ethics & execution into Cryptocurrency. Give Trade Crypto Live your best & I'm convinced you can successfully navigate Crypto"

Bill Y.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"After spending a year in crypto I found nothing but scammers & crypto cheerleaders selling hopes & dreams. When I met Scott I realized that they really knew nothing of the market. Scott & the TCL team provide you with an amazing amount of knowledge & information to be successful. Scott is the only person I truly consider a mentor, & TCL the only team I follow."

Jorge A.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"The TCL VIP package has been an investment that pays for itself, Scott puts in real work to the VIP group by uploading many charts while keeping them updated. I've been able to pay for the VIP room by just taking the info Scott has given us & making the money back & then some. Overall having access to Scott’s charts to find trades that you find suitable is invaluable."

Yousef AH.

Trade Crypto Live VIP

"You will not find a better, more experienced team than TCL. Sign up and the way you look at crypto will be changed forever. You get a clear understanding of how it works and learn TA the right way. You won’t be sorry."

Ray S.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"Scott’s teachings and insight have enabled me to understand the crypto market in a way that I would never have been able to on my own. His unique style of presentation and the passion him and his team have for what they are doing makes the group invaluable to anyone serious about crypto."

Andrew K.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"Truly great team that will always help you with any concerns or questions. I actually purchased my trainee course with the money I saved just following the Facebook page. 10/10"

Luke B.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"Scott is a master in the art of charting & has years of experience trading & finding the big boy targets. TCL training is not a pre-recorded course but rather a mentor-ship helping you make sense of the market & figuring out the secrets of trading. As a female trader I found my home where I not only receive superior education & support, but also am treated with dignity & respect."

Etricia E.

Trade Crypto Live VIP

"I could not recommend Scott & his TCL program highly enough, before joining TCL 10 mo. ago I was basically throwing money down the drain. Throwing darts at a dart board & hoping for the best. Scott has taught me to be methodical, have a plan & stick to it, basically “get learned or get burned" learning off Scott's daily messages & live rooms has saved me a lot of money!"

Brook W.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"I was skeptical at first after being burned in other groups, but after a year with Scott and team, I couldn’t be more prepared for the future of crypto. I owe Scott a lot and wish I had found his team sooner. The VIP package has been instrumental to my success and well worth the investment. Knowledge is power and these guys know crypto!"

Austin M.

Crypto Commandments Trainee

"Stop playing with your money & join TCL. TCL is the best crypto group with professionals who know everything about the Crypto market (Bitcoin; altcoins; blockchain). They have many tools to help us learn how to trade or invest depending of your goal. If you want to achieve your goals, I would recommend TCL. You will not get better support & training for your money."

Chanett BM.

Bitcoin Bubble Lounge

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