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Learn how to trade crypto right.

For only $99 a month, Bitcoin Bubble Lounge is the perfect addition to your training.  Using the tools taught in your training, Scott combines them with live analysis of the market so you can not only see, but understand, your next trade.

Minimize your risk – MAXIMIZE your profits – PUSH YOUR WINNERS!

  • Live-streamed videos Sunday thru Thursday
  • 20+ hours of trading education with professional trader Scott.
  • Copy his trades, learn how to spot the winners, and transform into a trading machine

NOTE: Crypto Commandment trainees get access to the Matrix Lounge with an active Bubble Lounge subscription.  Anyone else interested in the Matrix Lounge must be a VIP bundle member to get access to Matrix Lounge.

Crypto Bootcamp

Want to learn the foundational skills Scott uses in his Live Rooms? Sign up for Crypto Bootcamp and start the courses you need to start trading, as well as 1 month of the Bitcoin Bubble Lounge and the Fundamental Fire Pit included! Click Here to Sign Up

Scott's Crypto Commandments

Trading is not gambling or luck. It is knowledge and DISCIPLINE. Learn Scott’s Crypto Commandments, committing them to memory, and you will finally see the light when it comes to making profitable trades and minimizing losses. Click Here to Lean More

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