Origin Protocol – Decentralized Marketplaces

$6mil Market Cap

Volume/Liquidity: Omgfin, Binance, MXC
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When we look at companies like AirBnB or Uber their dominance is indisputable not just in the product they provide but also in the financial growth and share the company holds in that product.  Taking a large chunk of the transactions on their platforms is the primary income for these centralized companies and this amount can easily reach 25-30% of the transaction.

This amount that is withheld as a provider with expenses and business growth to consider, may seem reasonable at first but what if there were better options, something with very low fee’s, with no central point of failure, and is as easy or easier to use?

That is Origin Protocol.  The project wants to make decentralized marketplaces more accessible, cheaper, and more secure then the current products being offered.  The target markets are easily identified but could a small decentralized marketplace project really pull the clients away from or perhaps even convince an established business to rebuild its infrastructure?
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Peer-to-Peer networks are becoming much more common and as marketplaces, and using blockchain technology for them provides significant advantages like:

– Lower Fees
– Increased Access
– Better Incentives
– Censorship Resistance

The global market for the “shared economy”, is expected to reach $335bil USD by 2025.

 “Marketplaces don’t redistribute the profits they make to members. They accrue to founders and venture capitalists,” said Origin co-founder Matt Liu, who was the third product manager at YouTube. “Building these decentralized marketplaces, we want to make them peer-to-peer, not peer-to-corporate-monopoly-to-peer.”

Origin $OGN tokens are Ethereum ERC20 tokens and they serve three functions:

-Creating both negative and positive incentives
-Facilitating buyer/seller transactions of value
-Enabling network governance/staking

Origin tokens can also facilitate the purchase of goods and services. A purchaser of a marketing service, for example, will need to transfer an Origin token to the smart contract, where it will be held until the marketing service is completed.

Once the service is completed, the smart contract returns the token back to the supplier. Transactions will most likely take place using Ether but will also support other ERC20 tokens. In the future, Origin plans to enable conversions for fiat currencies and Ethereum.

Origin Protocol’s platform is based on three simple goals:

-Avoiding Single Points of Failure (SPOF)
-Avoid reinventing the wheel
-Balance performance and computer efficiency with user experience

After the 1.0 launch March 2020, they intend to collaborate the community on several new token use case initiatives. Origin is currently researching and developing new staking models that will generate yields for token holders in exchange for powering and supporting other parts of the network.

For example, they intend for Origin to be a highly scalable and performant platform. They intend to incentivize developers and other participants to run Origin infrastructure, such as Origin Nodes.
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Origin’s success will be determined by the products built on its platform.  Converting the Uber users of today may not be the first goal of the platform but they have working products already developed and a number of VC firms and enterprise level investors to drive a new ecosystem.

Commitments were made to the platform early on prior to MainNet launch working products were already implemented.

The future requires better options, the sustainability of the current sales marketing structure has drawn significant criticism and distributed systems, across various geographical and political landscapes could function more fluidly with a more decentralized and efficient model.


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