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Trade Crypto Live has helped thousands of traders learn how to take control of their trades. With years of proven success in the Forex markets, we decided to bring our techniques and philosophies to the markets of cryptocurrency.  In a market full of scammers, shillers, and crooks, we aim to be a port in the storm for those who truly wish to understand and utilize cryptocurrency investing. We offer a “No BS” approach to both the technical and fundamental aspects of crypto, all while striving to make you feel part of the Trade Crypto Live Family.

crypto education

The crypto market is volatile and unforgiving. We teach you how to size up your trades from all angles so that you aren’t taken by surprise. We show you everything that is crypto, from how it works to where its value comes from.

fundamentals of trading

Getting setup to trade in the crypto market can be confusing and costly if done wrong. We show you everything from setting up a wallet to completely your first big trade, and everything in between. Learn the rules of trading to keep your capital safe.

trade setups

Anyone can place a buy or sell order. The skill is knowing WHEN. We cover trading patterns, chart building, indicators, and much more. Each trainee gets a personal 1 on 1 session to review any material and questions with a pro trader.

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As our name implies, we like to deal with crypto LIVE. We bring you the latest technical and fundamental analysis of crypto coins, five nights a week, in our Crypto Lounge . While sharing his screen, our Technical Analyst walks you through everything from volume to fib levels, while a Fundamental Analyst brings you the latest news on coins, blockchain tech, crypto companies, and more. The Crypto Lounge works in tandem with the Foundations Course so you can see the real world application of what you are learning.

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The number one thing you will hear from our community of crypto enthusiast is “There is NO RUSH in crypto”. Crypto is here to stay, and although it is a volatile market right now, people ARE making money in trading and investing crypto. To be successful you need to steer clear of the FOMO and FUD and focus on learning as much as possible about crypto and trading. Once you understand how the crypto market works, and more importantly, how to trade it, you will be in line to make some life changing money when the next big trade happens!



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