With 6 lessons and 14 modules, our FREE Trading and Investing course is designed to give you a solid understanding of how the financial markets work, how money is made with them, and which financial strategy is right for you! When you sign up for the course you also gain access to not only the training course but also our members only Fundamental Fire-pit (located under Crypto Resources) as well as our exclusive private Facebook group were we share the latest news and analysis of Crypto, Forex, commodities and more!


Lesson 1: What is Trading & Investing

Learn the difference between the different types of trading (day, swing, technical, fundamental, etc) and which one is right for you. You will also learn the different types of investments (short term, long term, etc) and how they can be used in parallel with your trading to fill out your portfolio.

Lesson 2: Risk Management

Learn what risk management is and how it is used in each type of financial market to ensure your money is safe while trading even the most volitiale markets. It is extremely unsafe to trade without practicing good risk management; that is why TCL Education helps you develop a risk management plan that fits your trading style.

Lesson 3: Trading Psychology

Learn how top traders use market psychology to plan their trades, and more importantly, how to identify and manage your own emotions while trading to ensure you make informed decisions while in the market. Letting things such as FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) or FOMO (fear of missing out) interfere with your trades can have costly consequences!

Lesson 4: Your Trading Business

Learn how and why the most succesful traders use a trading plan when approaching each and every trade. Learn what key factors are used in a trading plan and how to develop an exit strategy. TCL Education helps you create your trading plans from start to finish with live examples from the active markets!

Lesson 5: Executing Trades

Learn how technical and fundamental analysis is used to spot, plan, and execute profitable trades. We also show you some basic trade patterns in the free course that you can start using the moment you feel comfortable entering the market!