Please read the rules before applying to Trade Crypto Live’s Affiliate Program:

1. Promotion
1.1. Our partners can use any sites/platforms for their posts including but not limited to their own and 3rd party sites, blogs and social networks.
1.2. We accept traffic from all countries. There are no restricted countries or regions to conduct marketing activity.
1.3. Advertising campaigns that include keywords such as the name of the brand written in any format and language (e.g. Trade Crypto Live,, TCL, etc.) are strictly prohibited.
1.4. Retargeting or remarketing is not considered as paid user acquisition. An affiliate would not be rewarded for these users.
1.5. We are against any site/platform that replicates the design, functionality, name (including domain name) or services of Trade Crypto Live. Such websites are likely to mislead users. If you wish to use Trade Crypto Live’s design elements please contact for approval/written consent before use.
1.6. It is not allowed to include discounts or special offers in your message when you are unable to provide such discounts.
1.7. Spamming is strictly prohibited.
1.8. It is forbidden to use two or more accounts.
2. Commissions
2.1. 10% Commission. Once your referral signs up during a 90-day period, you will receive a 10% commission from each payment that your referral makes. You will keep earning your commission as long your referral continues to pay. This applies to subscriptions that were deactivated temporarily as well.
2.2. A 90-day cookie. As soon as your potential customer are redirected to Trade Crypto Live after clicking one of your links they will have a cookie stored in their web browsers that links them to you. This cookie lasts 90 days. If your referrals sign up within 90 days, they will be assigned to you forever.
2.3. The affiliate’s commission is based on paid subscriptions or training package purchases(Foundations of Crypto Trading and Crypto Commandments) only.
2.4. The affiliate receives a commission for new users only. If a referral visited Trade Crypto Live previously then the Affiliate Program would not identify this referral as a new user and therefore an affiliate would not be rewarded for this user.
2.5. Trade Crypto Live calculates commissions that affiliates have generated on a monthly basis. Own data is used to provide partners with accurate information.
3. Payouts
3.1. Payouts are made once a month (within 30 days).
3.2. Payouts are made through PayPal only. You need a PayPal account in order to receive your payment.
3.3. Failure to include your PayPal email will result in rejection of payouts in 12 months. It is affiliate’s sole responsibility to ensure that the payment details are accurate. If an affiliate provides incorrect information the payout will be rejected.
4. Responsibility
4.1. We reserve the right to refuse payment if we establish that you have violated the rules or used dishonest tactics to acquire subscribers. Your account will be permanently blocked and your payments will be refused.
4.2.Trade Crypto Live is not responsible for the activities an affiliate undertakes in order to generate traffic. The affiliate guarantees that his/her actions do not violate laws, legal acts and other rules and regulations, applicable to the affiliate.
4.3. Trade Crypto Live is not responsible for the payment of taxes an affiliate is subject to in the state of his tax residency. Payment of legally established taxes, fees and other obligatory payments shall be a duty and responsibility of an affiliate.
4.4. We keep the exclusive right to modify or update these Rules at any time and with or without prior notice. It is affiliate’s responsibility to review these Rules from time to time to check for updates.
4.5. Trade Crypto Live is not responsible for any inconvenience which may be caused by the third parties.
5. Personal Data
5.1. By signing up you agree to the processing of personal data and receiving marketing communications and promotional offers from Trade Crypto Live Affiliate Program.