TOMOCHAIN Review Jan 2020


$33mil Market Cap

Volume: BitForex 80%.  MXC and Binance approx. 7% each.
Liquidity: Binance 80%.  MXC and Kucoin approx. 5% each.
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TomoChain is said to be the fastest Ethereum compatible chain with up to 5K TPS.  TomoChain supports all EVM-compatible smart-contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. New scaling techniques such as sharding, EVM parallelisation, private-chain generation, hardware integration will be continuously researched and incorporated.

The necessity of a scaling solution for Ethereum is becoming more and more important.  While the developers at Ethereum continue to debate the best direction, projects like TomoChain have created and produced a product to solve the issue.

TomoChain helps to resolve the network congestion, long wait times for transaction verification, and the high transaction fees that come with a lack of scalability. 
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TomoChain runs on a Proof-of-Stake Voting (POSV) consensus mechanism.  When paired with masternodes (of which there are 150) token holders and node providers are incentivized to participate as they will earn $TOMO for their share of the work done on the network.

With in this system TomoChain alone can reach 2k TPS with the expectation that 20k is realistic with the addition of sharding.

Sharding is a now popular application of blockchain technology that aims to solve the scalability issues faced by many chains. TomoChain uses sharding in its PoSV consensus mechanism to validate transactions in a faster manner. In addition to this, TomoChain uses double validation to ensure higher levels of network security.
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The core of TomoChain is the protocols.  The DEX, Gasless Transaction, and Privacy Protocols.

With these protocols, TomoChain looks to become the ideal platform for blockchain games, open finance, and enterprise-oriented applications.

TomoChain: TomoChain is the backbone public blockchain of TomoChain’s product map.

TomoScan: TomoScan provides a user friendly, details and perfection-oriented user interface for TomoChain block explorer. From a user perspective, TomoScan brings TomoChain’s transparency to users, because all block, transaction, finality, smart contracts, dApp and token information are read from TomoChain and shown to users. Furthermore, TomoScan also offers technical visualisations and does useful statistics about the TomoChain performance, token holders and other functionalities.

TomoMaster: The Governance dApp – TomoMaster, provides a professional UI that allows to see the list of masternodes and candidates, to deposit 50k TOMO to become a masternode candidate, to vote for masternodes, and to show masternode performance statistics.

TomoWallet: Tomo Wallet is the official mobile wallet for TomoChain, aiming to store the TOMO native coin and tokens issued on TomoChain. Tomo Wallet also allows users to vote for masternodes and track rewards.

TomoX: TomoX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange directly integrated into the core layer of the TomoChain blockchain. Decentralized exchanges called relayers built following the TomoX standard will all interact with TomoX.

TomoZ: is a TomoChain on-chain protocol that allows any token holders to transfer tokens without holding TOMO in their wallet. The transaction fees will be paid in the token the user is holding.

TomoIssuer: provides a friendly UI and a smart contract that allow any user to issue a TRC21 token and apply the token to the TomoZ protocol in minutes without any programming skills required.
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TomoChain’s “killer dApp” is a game called Axie Infinity.  The game was built over Ethereum but partnered with TomoChain in December 2018 because they were impressed by TomoChain’s scalability solution demonstrated via PoSV consensus with 150 masternodes. Achieving 2 second block times and over 2000 TPS has proven that the TomoChain platform can ensure stability and security for Axie Infinity’s operation.

The game would go one to be one of the largest blockchain games by sales, ranking up with Decentraland and Crypto Kitties.
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Fresh off exchange listings and staking expansion, TomoChain is moving into 2020 looking for the elusive adoption.  Further adoption of masternodes and network support, dApp’s built on TomoChain and of course further partnerships to reach the more traditional platforms and institutions.

“Our vision is to develop the TomoChain public chain to a level of maturity that offers distinctive features and services that are useful for developers and projects to build upon. Financial values and services need a native Internet protocol and TomoChain aims to fill that space to build a sustainable ecosystem of developers, projects, users, and token holders that support the network in the long-term. At the moment, what makes the TomoChain public chain different from other protocols are the PoSV consensus, TomoZ “zero friction” protocol, TomoX “decentralized exchange” protocol, and the upcoming TomoP “private transfer” protocol. All of these work well together in a well-defined package.”
-Long Vuong of TomoChain
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  1. It’s been 2 years since the completion of the TomoChain ICO, and we are now on the cusp of launching a slew of exciting products geared towards mass-market use. Punctuating this new era for TomoChain and the community is the unveiling of a refreshed logo to carry us forward together.

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